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  Walther P-1 with shortened barrel, reblued with Blue Wonder Gun Blue.  Photo by Mr. Lew English.

Blue Wonder Gun Blue Technical Support - Other Finishes

Technical Support  

To Obtain a Darker Finish:

If you have blued a gun using the Blue Wonder™ Gun Blue or Gun Black process and decide some time later that you would like to make the finish darker, you may do so without stripping the gun down to bare metal.  Simply clean the area that is to be darkened, using Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner, to remove any oil, grease, fingerprints, rust etc.  Then, heat the metal so it is hot to the touch and apply coats of Blue Wonder™ Gun Blue or Gun Black until the desired darkness is obtained.  Finally, apply Blue Wonder™ Developer following step 7 of the Blue Wonder™ Gun Blue/Black instructions.


To Obtain a Patina or Antique Finish:


Follow instructions for applying Blue Wonder™ Gun Blue – using steps 1-6 only – and DO NOT APPLY the Blue Wonder™ Developer.  Let the piece stand overnight and a thin film of fine rust will form on the surface.   Apply a light lubricating oil or gun oil to the rusted surface and rub it into the metal using “0000” steel wool.   Allow to dry and then finish with light coat of good quality gun oil to prevent further rusting.  (This finish will not be as durable since the developer was not used).


To Obtain a “Matte” Finish:


Follow instructions for applying Blue Wonder™ Gun Blue or Gun Black – using steps 1-7 but DO NOT APPLY the gun oil.  Let the piece stand for 1-2 days or until a thin film of fine rust forms on the surface.  Using Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner and “0000” steel wool, clean the rust from surface until it is completely removed.  Finish with coat of quality gun oil and you will have a matte or dull type finish.


To Remove Dried Blood from Pores of Metal:


Clean the area with Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner to remove any oil, grease, fingerprints, etc.  Liberally re-apply Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner to the area with blood, and “while the gel is on the surface of the metal”, use a propane torch and heat the area until the gel is boiling.  Keep the gel boiling until you see it turning reddish brown in areas, as it draws the blood residue out of the pores.    Apply fresh gel to a green ScothBrite™ abrasive pad and scrub the area well.  Immediately wipe the area clean with a paper towel or cloth.  Repeat this process if necessary to remove all blood residue.  Wait until the area cools down to about 125oF – 130oF before applying Blue Wonder™ Gun Blue or Gun Black.


Caution! The metal will be HOT and can cause burns!  Do not overheat the area! Remove or protect wood, plastic or composite components from the heat!

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