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OE-7 Tactical Odor Eliminator - Use for Body Armor, K-9 Units, Jail Cells, Helmets, Boots and other duty gear!

Military & Law Enforcement Odor Elimination 

OE-7™ Tactical Odor Eliminator is the Quick, Effective and Safe way for Law Enforcement and Military professionals to eliminate offensive odors they encounter during the course of daily operations. 

 NEW TECHNOLOGY!   OE-7™ Tactical Odor Eliminator utilizes proprietary technology to change the structure of foul odor molecules to completely ELIMINATE them — so they won’t come back!  It contains no enzymes, acids or fragrances used in other odor control products that can be harful to body armor.

 With dozens of applications for LE/MIL activities, keep a bottle in the trunk of your vehicle or duty bag for application when needed! 


oe-7 apps.jpgApplications:


Use on body armor, helmets, masks, uniforms, protective clothing, shoes, boots, foot gear; patrol vehicles, ambulances, K-9 units, paddy wagons, aircraft, jail cells, interview rooms. 

 Also use on hunting, fishing and camping gear, ice chests, gear storage bags, animal bedding, storage compartments, carpets, furniture, drapes, cars, boats, motor homes, pet litter boxes, toilet bowls, urinals, portable latrines, garbage disposals, grease pits and anywhere else offending odors occur.

Eliminates odors caused by:
Sweat, smelly feet, vomit, urine, feces and bodily fluids; K-9, skunks and other animals.

Also, rotten food, garlic, onion, mold and mildew; fish, ammonia, cigarette smoke; stale air and other offensive odors.


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