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Blue Wonder Gun Blue Testimonials

Okay, if we say its great, well you expect us to say that.  So what do the people who use Blue Wonder Gun Blue have to say about it?  Let's see!


Following are testimonials from real people who have purchased Blue Wonder Gun Blue and used it on their gun refinishing projects.  These comments are unsolicited the customers are not compensated in any way for their comments or photographs.

ken laird shotgun - gun blue.jpg

"Good Morning. Per our conversations I went ahead and ordered the Gun Blue Kit. Sunday was a rainy day so I sat down and tried your product. I cleaned the rusty spot and had to use some emory cloth as I saw some small rust pits. I then heated with a propane torch until the barrel was hot to the touch. I immediately applied around 11 coats of Gun Blue, which at that point seemed to be a good match to the surrounding area. I then applied the developer and allowed it to sit for 6 hours. After 6 hours I applied a generous coating of XFR oil and worked it into the treated area. What can I say, the gun barrel looks new. I would defy anyone to tell me the difference between the original blue and the repaired spot. What an absolutely beautiful result! When I applied the Birch Casey Cold Blue, that I had purchased at Walmart, I thought that I had done permanent damage to the finish of my rifle, and would need to take it to a gunsmith for a total re-bluing. Now my finish is as good as new. I then wiped down the entire rifle with the XFR oil and buffed it to a beautiful shine. This gun has not looked this good in quite a few years. I will never use anything else again but Blue Wonder products. Thank you again for delivering a truly fantastic product to the marketplace."  Henry Mulner, Lawerence, MA


Walther P-1 after being "snubed" and then refinished with Blue Wonder Gun Blue.  Photo by Lew English

"Recently, I completed a project I've wanted to do for some time, turning a surplus Walther P-1 {P-38} into a compact "snub" handgun. I don't have my own bluing tanks and while there are gunsmiths in the area who do bluing it's always at their convenience. When I've done I want to see a finished product, and I've always hoped for a bluing process I could do myself with good results. Your Blue Wonder more than fit the bill ! Essentially all the steel parts on the handgun were refinished with Blue Wonder from the cut down barrel to re-shaped levers........the slide had the pakerizing removed and had rough tooling marks removed and was finished in Blue Wonder. The top of the slide was left with the original parkerizing and where it and the Blue Wonder meet there's no odd color line......simply turned out great! I'm inclosing a photo. Thanks for a great product."        
Lew English  "P.S. I used an industrial heat gun as a heat source, and it worked fine. Thanks again."

"I used this product for my first time yesterday. I am quite happy with the results. Its not a perfect outcome, but I attribute that to my inexperience with the product. This product works beautifully on bare metal, very nice finish! I believe if I were to go over it again I could blend in the areas that needed reblued better with the original finish, but its so close now only people that are picky would care, or someone buying it, but I'm not selling so its ok for me. I used a propane torch to heat up the metal, and I believe I may have got it too hot, I'd recommend using a hair dryer, they suggest either method, but I'd use the hair dryer next time. I buffed out the finished metal with 0000 steel wool when finished and this gun looks about as good as you are going to get it without having it professionally reblued. I have used other methods of cold bluing and there is no way I will ever use them again, not after using this method. I highly recommend this product to anyone interested in touching up a firearm. If you have a firearm with bare metal, or you feel like taking all the existing blue off, this is definitely a product you will want to try. Good Luck!" SSgt Ryan E. Roberts, USMC

"I first bought the Blue Wonder kit at the gun show in Houston and was able to hot blue a thirty year old 9mm that had been lost in the storage garage for five years and had never been cared for before that.  It looked better than it had in years, but the new directions you sent with the last order made it much darker.  I use a hair dryer to get it hot and it works great, and my wife lets me do it in the living room while we watch TV.  So far I have done an old 870, a model 12, a sawed off 12 ga., two 9's, the barrel of a Colt Trooper and a 22 pistol I bought at a pawn shop in Corpus Christi, Tx.  You really have a great product and I wish it would have been thought of earlier.  It takes little work and gives amazing results. Thanks"  Ed McCormack of Houston,Texas

"I'm not a professional gun restorer, but the results I got on my first try with Blue Wonder System made me look like one. Restored a 50 year old Mauser 7.65 HSc that was rusted shut and would not cycle. The finish was equally bad. But for $200 at the local pawn shop I bought it with hopes to restore. Went to my local gun show and saw the Blue Wonder booth. Received about 5 minutes of instructions, bought the kit and went home and started my project right away. The Gun Cleaner is incredible at removing years of neglect. The Blue Wonder produces a beautiful finish. I couldn't believe I made this gun look so good! I have since had many compliments and offers on my restored Mauser. It shoots and cycles like a dream and looks like a factory new weapon. Wow! This stuff works exactly as advertised."  Larry Garretson of Round Rock, Texas

"I got a sample at a gun show and this stuff is GREAT!!! Threw the rest of the stuff out. Try it!!" Tim Yarbrough of Spring, Texas

"I just want to comment on a product that I was at first reluctant to purchase and then when I did it sat around for almost 4 weeks before I used it because I thought it maybe it was another snake oil type thing.  Well now that I have used it I wanted to say WOW this is Amazing! Great product I have been telling everyone about this amazing kit, and even have been offering to do their bluing as a service!  Thanks again GREAT PRODUCT!Dennis Spars of Bakersfield, California


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