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  Blue Wonder™ Wood Shine  




Blue Wonder Wood Shine - For the Care Your Wood Deserves 


Blue Wonder™ Wood Shine brings the natural beauty of wood back to life!  A simple wipe on, wipe dry application restores woods natural moisture balance, brings out the beauty of the natural wood grain and provides valuable UV protection to keep the sun from bleaching out wood.  While Wood Shine is designed specifically for the outdoor requirements of outdoor use of long gun stocks, it is a natural product to use on all wood surfaces.  Pistol grips, gun cases, furniture, picture frames just to name a few.  Give your wood products the care they deserve!  Give them Blue Wonder™ Wood Shine!

Quickly cover small scratches and blemishes in the wood finish.

Not slippery!






  • Gun Stocks and Fore Ends
  • Pistol Grips
  • Firearm and Flag Presentation Cases
  • Gun Cases
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Wood Accessories and Trim on Autos and Boats
  • Paneling in Direct Sunlight 
  • Any Other Wood Surface


wood shine before 15%.jpg


wood shine after 15%1.jpg

Aporoved by North American Hunting Club




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