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Kimber Custom 45 barrel cleaned with Blue Wonder Gun Cleaner!  Photo by Mr. Eddy Wong, Blue Wonder Customer.

Blue Wonder Gun Cleaner - Testimonials

Following are testimonials from real people who have purchased Blue Wonder Gun Cleaner and used it on their gun cleaning projects to remove copper and lead fouling and surface rust.  These comments are unsolicited the customers are not compensated in any way for their comments or photographs.

"I went to the range today and put a box of 230 gr cast bullet handloads through my 1911. A box of .38 special 148 gr handloads through both my 686 and my Charter Undercover along with 65-70 rounds of both cast bullet and hardball through my XD. Four guns to clean all with some visible leading . On the way home I stopped by 10-32 Supply in Beaumont, Texas.  Bobby Goza,  highly recommended your products so I picked up a tube of Blue Wonder Gun Cleaner.   I had all four guns cleaned and put away in 45 minutes and I've never gotten lead out of a bore faster or easier. This stuff is amazing and it works! If you are having problems cleaning your guns try some of this.  I've seen the results from your  Blue Wonder Gun Blue and I am quite impressed with that too.  I'm going to try your Muscle Wonder Spray in the near future.  Keep up the good products." - Morris Jones, Beaumont Texas

“I received Blue Wonder Gun Cleaner and tried it on a few guns. I think it beats Hoppes hands down. I actually like the smell (but I'm a chemist). Works great! I cleaned a Remmington 788 .243 that I had previously cleaned with a brass brush and Hoppes and thought was clean. I was wrong. I will definitely use it (Blue Wonder) regularly.  I also cleaned my Ruger Sp101 357 that I've been shooting a lot of cast bullets out of. It got out lead that I had given up on using Hoppes. It also does a great job on the cylinder face (my SP101 is stainless). It looks like it just came out of the box. Great product!” - Tim Valley, Saint Albans, VT

"I tried it on some guns I'd taken shooting yesterday. Just to see, I also ran some through the Shilen barrel on my XP-100, that hasn't been shot since the last time I cleaned it. I was extremely suprised at the amount of fouling that was removed from a "clean" barrel. I'm a believer now!!!" - Paul Johnson of Tuscaloosa, AL
"In a recent forum posting on Hoppes and corrosive ammo deposits, which is always an ongoing issue I found information about Blue Wonder Gun Cleaner decided to order (the customer service was fast! wish all companies could do it their way) and try something new (to me). Blue Wonder Gun cleaner comes in a tube and is a gel (more on that later). I decided to take out my Nephew's 98K and shoot about 50 rounds of the corrosive, dirty Turk 8mm with the 1939 headstamp, silver wash on the bullet. This ammo was always the hardest to clean out of the Mauser using the normal ammonia/hoppes/water method, it would take 10 to 20 patches until it got bright and shiney. So I cleaned it in the normal way.

Well I thought it was clean! I coated the barrel with Blue Wonder, followed directions and let it sit awhile and ran some dry patches thru it, they came out as black and green as if it had NEVER been cleaned the first time in the regular way. OK so lets try something else that I know IS clean; my Radom pistol. I took it apart looked down the barrel, It was clean as a whistle, ran a patch of Hoppes down it, got nothing back but Hoppes. Dried it out real good, let it sit for a few hours then ran dry patches down it to make sure all Hoppes was out.

Then tried Blue Wonder and followed directions, let it sit awhile and ran some dry patches thru it, they came out black not as intense as the Mauser but still dirty all the same. I know this is subjective testing but the grooves in both barrels are deeper and sharper after Blue Wonder. They are also shiney and brighter. Finally I oiled the barrels with Rig and put them away. I normally do that anyway to prevent rust. I must say I am VERY impressed by the cleaning action of this product. It is also much easier to use than true liquids. Hoppes holds a great brand recognition for me because of what must be tried and true sentimentality and would be hard to give up an old icon like Hoppes. But this product convinces me I could do it... I think I'll use it as an adjunct first... it is hard to break old habits. But this Blue Wonder cleaner will eventually sway me away, it IS that good. PS: a tube should last me all season, a little bit goes along way..." - C. J. Galanopulo of Cincinnati, OH

"I purchased the product to remove some rust on a thirty dollar gun show deal. This product worked great for removing the deep pitted rust on the barrel. After I removed all the rust I used the Blue Wonder gun blue from Novum Solution to replace the worn blueing. When I was done it looked like I bought a new rifle." - Jiames Lindahl of Fort Collins, CO

"This is a GREAT bore cleaner! Clean your rifle bore until you are convinced it is clean, then run Blue Wonder on a brush thru the bore. You will get several dirty patches from it.Really easy to use because it is in gel form. It is the best cleaner I have used. Do yourself a favor and try this cleaner." - John Kammeyer of Wabash, IN

"Very good gel like cleaner that does the work for you if you let it sit for awhile. One note that when you pull a bore brush through it tends to spritz the stuff in little droplets everywhere so wear an apron. It also has a distinctive 'cleaner' smell which may or may not be to your liking; it's fine by my nose." - Michael Ballai of Mt Prospect, IL

"This stuff works! A couple of guns came in that had rust in the barrels and after leaving for a few minutes, I scrubbed with a bore brush. I did this twice, and it removed 98% of the rust! It cut through what others had left and made the barrels salvagable." - John Palfi of Colonial Heights, VA

"Blue Wonder Gun Cleaner, is the best gun cleaner I have used in my 40 years as a gun owner. Being an avid "Black Powder Shooter" I know dirty guns, I tried all the rest including home brews and Blue wonder "Out Shines" them all!" - Bill Lopez of Kingston, NY

"It's a good medium strength cleaner. It might take a few more strokes than some of the other cleaners. I found out it works better on a brush thats one size bigger in caliber that what the gun your going to clean. It sticks good to your patches & brushes, and don't fall off them when getting them to the bore-guide. It works GREAT on little rust spots, just put a little on some 0000 steel wool and rub lightly on the spot and watch it disappear. DON'T rub too hard, just put your finger on the wool and rub in little circles." - Jamie Schoonover of Clinton, WI

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