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Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner




A Mirror Clean Bore!



  • Powerful concentrated “GEL” adheres to surface for deep cleaning action! Blue Wonder Gun Cleaner won the award for Best New Product at Shot Show 2002.Click here to buy Blue Wonder Gun Cleaner.
  • Proprietary “Micro-Penetration Technology” for the toughest jobs!
  • Convenient tubes won’t spill like liquid cleaners!
  • Removes copper & lead deposits from the bore! 
  • Removes powder residue & black powder corrosion!
  • Easily removes cosmoline!
  • Removes oil from oil soaked stocks!
  • Removes plastic buildup from shotguns!
  • Removes rust without harming the gun’s bluing!
  • Emulsifies petroleum based products including oil, grease and Moly!
  • Leaves a chemically clean bare metal surface in minutes!
  • Safe - Environmentally Friendly - Biodegradable - Non-Toxic!

    No noxious fumes or flammable liquids!


    Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner is simply the BEST gun cleaner on the market - Hands Down!  Many gun cleaners on the market today are petroleum based products which can be toxic, harmful to the skin, dangerous to breathe, flammable and environmentally “unfriendly” products.  They work as solvents in attempting to remove copper and lead deposits as well as powder residue.  Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner on the other hand is not petroleum based, is not toxic or harmful and is environmentally “friendly”, being completely biodegradable.  Now available with a convenient "Flip-Top" cap for easier one-handed application.

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    View the Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner  Demo Video



    Why does Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner work so well?

    Blue Wonder Gun Cleaner leave a mirror clean bore in just minutes!  Click Here to see what others are saying about Blue Wonder Gun Cleaner.

    The simple answer is, we approach the problem of removing copper and lead from a different perspective than other cleaners.  When a round is fired through the bore of a gun, a tremendous amount of heat is formed from both the combustion process and the friction between the bullet and the bore wall.  This heat forms oxide molecules (lead oxide and/or copper oxide) which bond the copper and lead deposits to the bore.  Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner attacks this oxide molecule, breaking the bond, allowing the copper and lead deposits to be quickly, easily and completely removed.

    Applying new technology and Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner’s superior wetting and penetrating abilities, gun bores can be “chemically clean” in just minutes!

    Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner will also remove rust from the exterior finish of a gun - and it will not harm or affect the existing bluing!  Rust is iron “oxide” and it is affected in the same way as the copper and lead oxides.  Simply use the cleaner with “0000” steel wool or a soft brass brush and the rust will be removed and the bluing unharmed.
    To remove existing gun blue, it can be used with an abrasive product such as ScotchBrite™ pads or emery cloth.  The cleaner will help in the blue removal because of its wetting, penetrating and lubricating qualities.
    Further, Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner will quickly emulsify any petroleum based product.  It will remove Moly from gun bores along with any other grease or oil.

    Important: After using Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner, it is imperative to follow with a light coat of quality gun oil (Blue Wonder™ Distotec XFR) as the surface treated will be chemically clean and will rust without protection.

    Technical Documents
    Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner Instructions
    Rust Removal with Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner

    Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner Instructions for Black Powder Cleaning


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