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Blue Wonder Gun Care Kit

For the Care Your Guns Deserve!



Click here to Buy Now!  Blue Wonder Gun Care Kit contains, Gun Cleaner, Fast Blast Spray Cleaner, DIsotec XFR Lubricant and Armadillo Protectant.

Now in one kit, everything you need for the complete cleaning, lubrication and protection of your firearms investment. 

Four, high-grade, gun care products packaged in a convenient kit, so you have the perfect combination of cleaners, lubricants, and protectants to maintain any firearm at any time.

Fast Blast Gun Cleaner & Degreaser (4 oz Pump Spray) cuts to the chase, so you can quickly strip out the really oily, greasy, gummed-up crud you encounter when cleaning actions, trigger assemblies, slides, and more. Spray pump applicator helps you put the cleaner exactly where you need it without waste.

Gun Cleaner (4 oz Tube) is a specially concentrated, biodegradable gel that bites through stubborn copper and lead fouling inside any firearm bore, plus removes caked-on powder residue, oil, grease, and corrosion without damage to bluing or rifling.

Disotec XFR (1 oz Pump Spray) is a premium, spray lubricant that delivers “eXtreme Friction Reduction” for all moving parts; micro-penetrates for long lasting, corrosion protection without leaving an oily film.

Armadillo (1 oz Jar) uses a special blend of Paraffin, Montan Wax, and oils to form a protective, polymer shell that resists rust and corrosion caused by moisture, fingerprints, and perspiration. Slicks up gunmetal and wood to prevent adhesion of dust, lint, and other airborne debris.

The Gun Care Kit includes detailed photographic instructions on the use of each product inside the included card show above.


Blue Wonder Gun Care Kit - The Ultimate in Gun Cleaning and Lubrication!

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