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It's Not Cold Blue...

It's Not Hot Blue...


Let's Blue!!!™


  • Deeply penetrates and bonds with the metal to "Look and Wear" like Hot Blue.
  • Any shade of blue can be easily obtained, from very light to deep, dark blue. Click here to visit our online store.  Register and receive an offer for a FREE 1 oz tube of Blue Wonder Gun Cleaner!
  • No need for special, expensive equipment.
  • No special skills required to use.
  • No need to send your gun away to be blued.
  • An entire gun can be re-blued, virtually in “minutes”.
  • No residual “Rotten Egg” odor.


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Blue Wonder Gun Blue Kits contain Gun Blue, Gun Cleaner and Developer.

Traditional “Hot Blue” processes often involve specialized, expensive equipment, hazardous chemicals and the need to send your gun, barrel or gun component away for up to several weeks - AND - the cost can be high.


Traditional “Cold Blue” liquids, which have been on the market for years, usually lack the beautiful, deep blue luster finish of “Hot Blue” and often don’t last.  The cold blue finish can wear off easily, as they do not deeply penetrate and fully bond with the metal.  They are also prone to leaving a lingering residual “rotten egg” odor, which easily reveals the fact that a gun has been "Cold Blued”.

There is another choice, BLUE WONDER™ GUN BLUE!


Great for Touch Ups and Total Re-Blue Jobs!

With Blue Wonder™ Gun Blue, you can have a professional “Hot Blue” finish, at home, quickly, easily, inexpensively and without any “Cold Blue” residual odors.  Blue Wonder™ Gun Blue's unique, two part process, using 24 carat gold and pure silver, provides a deep blue luster finish that rivals any factory new or “Hot Blue” finish. It deeply penetrates and fully bonds to the metal, so it will not wear off.  IT LOOKS AND WEARS LIKE HOT BLUE!!


Will Thompson, our chemist and head of product development, had been trying to make a good “Cold Blue” for many years, and has made several. "They are all basically the same with the same inherent problems - or limitations - or whatever you want to call them. They often don't look good (color isn't right), they are often blotchy or streaky, they often don't last long (wear off easily), they often affect, eat off, etc. the surrounding blue - on and on," Thompson said.


"If you work with them and develop good techniques, you can get good results, but the "average guy" often has trouble," Thompson continued.  "After twenty years, we finally stepped out of the mold and tried something totally different. We developed Blue Wonder™ Gun Blue - a gun blue that is NOT an oxidation process. It is a proprietary solution containing several micronized metals including gold, silver, nickel, copper and chromium that chemically bonds to and darkens the surface of the metal. It will only bond to ferrous metal and to itself and will not affect, harm, eat away, discolor or do anything to any existing, surrounding factory or hot blue - One of our main advantages."


There is no need to flush, soak, rinse or neutralize our bluing as with other “Cold Blues”. Just apply it following the instructions and then apply Blue Wonder™ Developer, which reacts with, dries and sets the bluing, giving it a deep, dark, glossy finish that rivals most “Hot Blues” in both appearance and durability. Then of course you must oil it with Blue Wonder™ Disotec XFR or BreakFree CLP after 12- 24 hours, otherwise it will rust.  Other gun oils do not provide adequate rust protection for this initial coat and could cause rusting within 24 hours. 


If you do not get the metal dark enough on the first try, you do not have to strip it and start over either. Just continue the process. Another unique advantage!

BLUE WONDER™ GUN BLUE is also great for “Touch Ups"!!


Blue Wonder™ Gun Blue will only bond to itself and bare ferrous metals, and will not bond to or affect the existing Factory Bluing on your gun.  In addition, Blue Wonder™ Gun Blue is the ONLY gun blue available, where you can add coats one by one until you reach the exact darkness of the existing Factory Bluing on your gun!  AND - if you don’t get it right the first time, you can simply continue the process, until the exact darkness you desire is reached - without having to strip the bluing and start over each time from the beginning.



NOTE:  Blue Wonder™ Gun Blue will only work on carbon steel.  It will not work on stainless steel, aluminum or other alloys such as the metal used in some model Winchester receivers.  Make certain the metal is carbon steel before proceeding.




Technical Documents

Blue Wonder Gun Blue Instructions

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